Spain main Cuisines written by: motomoto Spanish food is very diverse with the variation arising from a number of factors including cultural, geographical, and climatic differences. However, the typical Spanish foods are heavily influenced by the fact that the country is close to the sea, giving its food a Mediterranean soul. Along the coast, you can expect to find delicious and fresh fish as well as other seafood. When you move to the inlands, you will find a wide range of delicious vegetable, fruits, and meat dishes.

Typical foods in Spain

Spain is popular for offering a wide variety of appetizers( Tapas) that are either offered as small tidbits that you can have with drinks or as part of the main meal. In the upcountry, the main types of restaurants available are the Tapas Bars that offer you with a wide range traditional cuisines that tell more about the country’s rich culture. There is more likelihood to find a more elaborate presentation of both traditional, as well as conventional foods in restaurants, found main cities.
There are two meals in a day. These include Lunch (referred as Almuerzo or Comida) and dinner (referred as Cena). Both are eaten a bit late when compared to most countries. The dinner is taken any time from 9.00 pm while the lunch is taken in between 2:00-3:30 in the afternoon. Breakfast is light and consists of fruit juice, snack, and tea.

Common food traits in Spanish

• Olive oil is used to cook almost all the ingredients and sometimes used in its raw form
• The primary seasonings includes onions and garlic
• Almost all meals must have bread
• Salads are very popular, particularly during the summer months

Spain is also popular for producing a number of wonderful fruits and vegetables. It is common to find people eating a dish that consists of only one vegetable as an entrée or a vegetable sautéed with onion and ham.

When it comes to desserts, this is not usually not varied as most countries, but it is still possible to find a great variety. However, this will vary from one region to the other. After the dessert, you can end your dinner with Spanish fashion by having “caf, copa y puro” (this includes coffee, liqueur, and cigar).